Service is what we do best here.

I have personally been on the receiving end of some pretty lousy service:  Agents who don't return calls unless you keep hounding them, rude agents, insensitive agents, non-disclosures, conflict of interests, greed, empty and broken promises...

I vowed that when I became a Realtor, that I would serve my clients the way I would like to be served.  Hence, you will get my best efforts when you decide to start looking for a house with me.

Tell me what you're looking for.  I'll do onsite scouting with digital photographing for matched properties ahead of time.  I won't just print out a list and give it to you.  You'll get as much information from me before we head out to those houses.

Call Wayne at 1-888-WAYNE-20 (1-888-929-6320) 

Today to start your personalized search,


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We also PAY for Referrals that turn into sales.  If you have a friend who wants to buy or sell and you refer him to us, a successful transaction will turn into a nice check of $500 for you too!


**  $500 Finder's fee will be paid out to Finder within 30 days of Wayne receiving his commission.